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At Malorees Infant School pupils' achievement in all areas is celebrated, whether that achievement is improvement in their behaviour or learning attitudes, in sports, arts or core reading, writing or mathematical skills.

The attainment and progress of pupils is closely monitored to ensure that any child falling behind or making slower progress is given additional support.

The government introduced a new assessment system for KS1 from Summer 2016 for end of key stage 1 'SATS'. This system replaced the old 'Levels' system and assesses the new national curriculum. 

For information about the changes and a list of useful Department for Education websites where you can download more detailed information please click this link. 

Y2 SATS Information for Parents 2016

Attainment at the school has been generally rising over the past three years, with results at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 mostly a little above national averages.  Click here for more information on

Malorees Infant School data outcomes 2016-2018






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