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The Curriculum at Malorees Infant School is driven by the Early Years Foundation Stage Document (Development Matters in the EYFS) and the 2014 National Curriculum.  

We also develop our own 'Contexts for Learning' in which different curriculum subjects are connected together under a theme to engage pupils' interest, make connections and deepen their knowledge and understanding. Examples include: Our Wonderful World (Reception: Life cycles, living things), Explorers (Year 2:  chronology, history, physical geography), The Great Fire of London (history, our London locality, materials). 

Malorees Infant School Curriculum Summary

We use a range of teaching methods and styles which draw on current research into how children learn best.

Each Term, we will give you details of what your child will be learning in a class newsletter. Below you can also find more detail. An overview of the contexts across the year is available below for each year group.

Nursery & Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Nursery and Reception children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, providing an inviting and stimulating environment where hands-on learning and exploration form a foundation of all learning.  We plan within the following areas: Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication & Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts & Design. The Jolly Phonics program is followed in Reception for learning letter sounds and phonetic decoding and spelling.

For information on the curriculum in Nursery and Reception please click on the link below for the document,

Development Matters in the EYFS  (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Nursery Contexts

Reception Contexts

Year 1 and Year 2 (Key Stage 1)

We build on children’s learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure continuity, progression and enjoyment.

From Year 1,  the curriculum includes all the subjects of the National Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Design & technology, Religious Education, Music, Art, Physical Education, Computing and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

Please click on the relevant links below to access more detail about curriculum planning & progression:

Malorees Infant School - KS1 Curriculum (One Page Summary)

Malorees Infant School - KS1 Foundations Subjects Curriculum Summaries

[Art & Design, Computing, History, Geography, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Music, Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health Education]

KS1 Science Curriculum

KS1 Literacy Planning & Progression

Year 1 Reading Curriculum Summary

Year 1 Talk4Writing Yearly Overview

Year 1 Key Writing Targets

Year 2 Reading Curriculum Summary

Year 2 Talk4Writing Yearly Overview

Year 2 Key Writing Targets

Phonics & Tricky Word Progression

KS1 Spelling Sheets (colour coded)

Reading Booklet for Parents

Phonics Booklet for Parents

KS1 Mathematics Planning & Progression

Year 1 Yearly Maths Overview

Year 1 Key Maths Targets

Year 1 Mental Maths

Year 2 Yearly Maths Overview

Year 2 Key Maths Targets

Year 2 Mental Maths

Calculation Policy

(This document sets out the order in which we teach calculation skills eg. addition, multiplication etc.and how we build from early investigation with practical methods towards more formal written methods)

Year 1 Contexts Yearly Overview

Year 1 Contexts

Year 2 Contexts Yearly Overview

Year 2 Contexts


Thriving Stands for:

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