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Art is a fundamental form of personal communication. The art curriculum at Malorees School is designed to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to express what they see, think, and feel, using the visual elements, materials and processes of art. Through developing artistic knowledge, combined with investigating, making, and evaluating, pupils can experience and demonstrate the highest forms of human creativity.
Creative progression is met through an art, craft and design curriculum that purposely scaffolds the necessary knowledge and skills, so pupils become more proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and textile techniques. Activities and artists have been carefully selected on the progression map to clearly indicate appropriately differentiated experiences and expectations, so pupils become visually literate learners.
Our art curriculum stimulates pupils to know, think critically and develop a deeper understanding about art. They will recognise how art reflects and shapes history, as well as contributes to the culture, creativity, and the wealth of nations. Ultimately, we believe that such a considered curriculum will inspire children to pursue their love of art far beyond their primary schooling – whether for pleasure, profession, or both.


Design & Technology 

Design and Technology

The design and technology curriculum at Malorees seeks to ensure that children across the school are educated in the vital skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional, appealing and purposeful products. We aim to inspire the next generation to be excited and involved in the modern, changing environment we live in. By doing this, children will be able to be fully functioning members of our modernising society. We feel it is vital to nurture creativity and innovation through design, and by exploring the designed and made world in which we all live and work.
Design and Technology education involves two important elements. First, learning about the designed and made world and how things work through mechanisms such as levers, pulleys, and cams. Second, learning to design and make functional products for purposes and users. Children in KS1 will design functional products for themselves, whereas KS2 children will consider the needs and wants of other users. Children of all year groups will design, make, and evaluate each project. This cycle is crucial and allows for progression to continuously take place as children advance their skills and key vocabulary in each project, building year on year. Within this curriculum context, children will learn about aspirational individuals who have shaped design and technology, such as chefs and engineers. As the children begin their design and technology journey, they will work in contexts such as the home, school, playgrounds, and gardens. This will progress to KS2 children working in similar contexts as they consider the features of products for leisure, industry, and the wider environment.
Our curriculum is purposefully progressive and aims to continuously inspire and motivate children, creating a love for the importance of design and technology today. We are deliberately passionate in our teaching of this subject to give every child the best possible experience in learning the vital skills for potential careers in design and technology. 


Curriculum Overview

Art and Design Technology Curriculum Overview 

Autumn 1

Art & Design

Autumn 2

Design Technology

Spring 1

Art & Design

Spring 2

Design Technology

Summer 1

Art & Design

Summer 2

Design technology

Year 1: Drawing

Make your mark


Year 1: Constructing Making a windmill.


Year 1: Sculpture

3D Paper Play

Year 1: Textiles



Year 1: Painting and Mixed Media

Summer Splash.


Year 1: Cooking and Nutrition

Fruits and vegetables.


Year 2: Craft and Design

Map it out.


Year 2: Structures

Baby Bear’s chair


Year 2: Painting and mixed media

Life in colour


Year 2: Mechanisms

Fairground Wheel


Year 2: Sculpture

3D clay houses.


Year 2: Food

A balanced diet – fruit juice.


Year 3: Drawing

Growing Artist


Year 3: Constructing

Making a castle.


Year 3: Craft and Design

Ancient Egyptian Scrolls


Year 3: Electrical systems

Electrical poster


Year 3: Sculpture

3D abstract shape and space.


Year 3: Cooking and Nutrition

Eating seasonally


Year 4: Drawing

Power Prints


Year 4: Structures Pavilion


Year 4: Painting and Mixed Media

Light and Dark


Year 4: Mechanical systems

Making a slingshot car


Year 4: Craft and Design

Fabric of nature.


Year 4:  Food

Adapting a recipe.


Year 5: Drawing

I need Space.


Year 5: Mechanical systems

Making a popup book.


Year 5: Sculpture

3D Interactive installations


Year 5: Textiles Designing a stuffed toy

Year 5: Painting and Mixed Media


Year 5: Cooking and Nutrition

Creating a pasta sauce.


Year 6: Drawing

Makes my voice heard

Year 6: Structures Playground


Year 6: Craft and Design

Photo opportunity

Year 6: Textiles



Year 6: Sculpture

3D Making Memories

Year 6: Cooking and Nutrition

Come dine with me.