Malorees School

Outdoor Learning

At Malorees, we are exceptionally lucky to have such a unique and stimulating outdoor environment available to us. From our woodlands to our playing field, all pupils at Malorees get to experience learning outdoors, and develop an adventurous and curious nature about the world around us. The opportunity to experience activities such as orienteering, fire building, pond dipping, and den building is something that very few schools can offer and we recognise that this is another reason as to why Malorees is such a great place to learn!

This year we launched our new vision for Malorees, with outdoor learning as a high priority. Finding opportunities to learn outside, across the curriculum, is always at the forefront of our minds when planning learning experiences for our pupils. We go outside in all weathers - there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!




Forest School 


We are very lucky to have a Forest School and recognise its importance in the development of our children, the benefits to their learning, and most importantly the fun it can bring!

Our accredited Forest School leader is incredibly experienced, with a range of skills that she has developed over the years. Whilst the adults leading the sessions facilitate Forest School, all pupils are able to use their imaginations to the max!  Within our Forest School itself, we have had dens built to shelter from monsters, bridges made for Superheroes, Stick people made from twigs and branches and houses made for the many bugs that are found.

Nabil FS    fs- new picture


In addition, our outside learning areas allow for specific learning to take place. Our specialist sport coach ensures that all pupils have weekly outdoor high-quality physical education sessions, which inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. This has resulted in Malorees’ pupils filling the trophy cabinet with gold medals and trophies for a range of sports including athletics, swimming, curling and football. All sessions support pupil’s health and fitness. This is in addition to providing pupils with the opportunity to compete in sport and other activities, which build character and help to embed values such as respect and determination.

Pupils field




Malorees take every opportunity to bring our school community together where we all take part in whole school events such as fitness mornings, dance performances and where pupils can display their creative talents by performing in our Malorees’ arts soiree. Our teachers take every opportunity to bring live learning to our pupils across the curriculum.


Ballet project

Whole school dance

When our pupils work and learn outside, we see evidence that their confidence is boosted along with their social skills, communication, motivation, knowledge, understanding and turn taking. Malorees is an inclusive school and we place great importance on the need to ensure that all our pupils are included equally in opportunities for learning. The school’s vision, motto and shared values are put into practice daily to secure equal opportunities for all whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment and background. As a learning community, all the staff work hard and are fully committed to securing the best provision for our pupils and the different groups that make up our Malorees family.