Malorees School


At Malorees, creativity is an essential part of our school vision, values and motto. 

By promoting creativity in our school, we believe it improves many aspects of a child’s life, including emotional development, communication, health, and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of creative opportunities that support our curriculum offering and extends beyond the national curriculum expectations. Through ‘Creative Arts’, we aim to provide our pupils with the opportunity to learn in different ways in order for them to make connections and develop a wide range of skills.

At Malorees our specialist Art, DT and Music teachers are dedicated to ensuring that these curriculum areas are taught in a creative and inspirational way, which engages our pupil interest and develops a love of learning and appreciation for creative arts as well as developing an awareness of creative careers that are on offer in the wider community.

We love making the most of London’s creative offering by taking children to galleries, museums and theatres, as well as inviting family members to share their children’s creative work and talents.

Creative Partnerships and Opportunities

These include the following: 

Brent Music Service delivers our entire music curriculum. Trained music teachers teach our pupils to play instruments and sing to the highest standard possible.

Music Tuition personalised or small group instrumental tuition is available to our pupils and taught by industry professionals.

Art and Craft Club enables pupils to develop their artistic skills to create beautiful artwork. These take place weekly and are delivered by a professional artist who is a parent at Malorees.  

Arts Week takes place in the summer term. Pupils work hard to create high quality artwork around a whole school theme. The week culminates with an exhibition where final pieces are displayed for parents and the community to enjoy. 

Theatre Trips: Every child from Year 1-6 will go to watch a West End musical theatre production. In addition, we have now developed links with the Unicorn Theatre, who will be working with our school to offer teacher training to staff and resources to bring theatre into the classroom.

Infant Nativity Play take place every year. Our youngest children from Nursery to Year 2 tell the Nativity story through a performance that includes drama, songs and dance.

Christmas Carol Concert where pupils in Years 3-6 perform a variety of songs, during the Christmas period to their families and friends.

School Choir at Young Voices at 02 London where school choir members learn a range of songs to perform alongside thousands of other young vocalists, at the annual Young Voices concert.

Summer Showcases and Instrumental Concerts: We organise in-school events designed to highlight our pupil’s creative talents across the performing arts and to celebrate all pupils who participate in music, theatre and drama activities at school. This has included drama, guitar, violin and vocal performances from individuals and groups. 

Drama Queens provide theatre workshops to our pupils led by working actors, who bring energy and passion about the performing arts industry in to school.

Live Music Now works collaboratively with our school to enable our pupils to experience live music performances and concerts by professional working musicians.

Malorees Music Trust ensure that our Steinway Piano is operational for all music events, singing assemblies and performances; we recognise we are very lucky to have such a beautiful instrument at our school.