Malorees School



At Malorees, our pupils learn about many different aspects of science, including the natural world, forces, electricity, changes of state, and materials. We always teach the subject in ‘real world’ contexts which demonstrate how science affects and enhances our daily lives. We encourage our pupils how to think scientifically about the world around them and to question what they see.

Approaches to teaching Science

Science is an awe-inspiring, mind-blowing subject and we ensure that it is taught in that way. Instilling a sense of awe and wonder in our pupils at the scientific marvels that surround us, is at the heart of what we do. We apply an enquiry-based approach to science teaching, including the use of analogies and illustrations. As much as possible, children plan their own investigations and experiments. We believe passionately that our pupils learn the most about science when they are challenged to explore and discover things for themselves. Outdoor learning is a vital part of our children’s scientific experience, and we make extensive use of our grounds and the surrounding area to teach the subject.

Special Science Curriculum events

An exciting programme of science-themed events takes place throughout the year at Malorees.
These include:

  • Opportunities for our children to tackle hands-on experiments.
  • Annual Science Week.
  • Trips to the Science Museum.
  • Cooking clubs for children.
  • Parent and children’s science workshops.


Curriculum Overview 



Y1 –Who am I?

Y1 - Celebrations

Y1 –Polar Adventures

Y1 – Plants and animals

Y1 – Holiday

Y1 – On safari!

Y2 – Healthy Me!

Y2 – Materials Monster

Y2 – Young Gardeners!

Y2 – Our local environment

Y2 – Little Masterchefs

Y2 – Squash, Bend, Twist and Stretch

Y3 – Food and our Bodies

Y3 – Light and shadows

Y3 – Rocks, soils and fossils

Y3 – How does your garden grow?

Y3 – We are astronauts

Y3 – Forces and magnets

Y4 – Teeth and Eating

Y4 – Power it Up!

Y4 – Looking at States (focus on London pollution)

Y4 – Living Things

Y4 – The Big Build

Y4 – What’s the Sound?

Y5 – Growing up and Getting Old

Y5 – Material World

Y5 – Out of this World

Y5 – Circle of Life

Y5 – Let’s Get Moving!

Y5 – Amazing changes

Y6 – Healthy bodies

Y6 – Light

Y6 – Electricity

Y6 – Classifying living things

Y6 – Evolution and inheritance

Y6 – We are Dinosaur Hunters