Malorees School

Recruiting Governors

Decisions to recruit to the Malorees Board are based on:

  • Any gaps in skills or expertise (for example, needing governors with finance experience)
  • The need for a diverse governing board (we aim for our Governing Board to reflect our school community)
  • Vacancies on the Board (such as having gaps for specific types of full governors)
  • Succession-planning for the future (such as needing to recruit governors who may wish to chair the board or a committee or to replace skills of governors who are standing down or whose terms are coming to an end)
  • The need to ensure balance between the number of parents and non-parents on the Board.

This is the process we follow when recruiting: 

  • Where a need to recruit is identified, we advertise roles on external governor recruitment websites.
  • All candidates are asked to provide a CV of their skills and experience and a short cover letter.
  • The co-chairs review the candidates’ application to see if their skills match the current or future gaps on the Board.
  • The co-chairs interview the candidate to discuss the role, their experience, skills, motivation, whether they can commit to the role and their aspirations e.g. whether they want to chair the FGB or a committee.  
  • The co-chairs can then either:
    • appoint the candidate as an Associate Governor for a one-year term. The Chairs then inform the rest of the governors via email and share a copy of the Associate Governor’s CV; or
    • put them forwards for appointment as a Full Governor at the next Governing Board meeting. The candidate’s CV is circulated with the papers for the meeting and the attendees vote on the candidate’s appointment. 

Once appointed, the new governor undertakes an induction, joins one of the committees and starts to attend meetings.   As part of the induction, all governors must sign up to the Malorees Federated Governing Board’s code of conduct .

If a Full Governor vacancy arises, an Associate Governor can be appointed to a full Governor role following a proposal and vote by the Full Governing Board at a board meeting with the relevant Associate Governor not present.

Are you interested in becoming a Governor?

Being a school governor can be challenging, requires a commitment of time and energy and is extremely rewarding.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please feel free to contact one of the co-Chairs, through the school office or by email:

The Chairs will discuss the current recruitment priorities for the Board and whether you would like to apply for a role.